Thursday, July 6, 2017

Team Jokbal Charity Blog

I have been rather infrequent with posts recently on the card collecting blog. Partially because of no new cards being released in Korea and having not bought any new cards from Korea or elsewhere in Asia in order to save for an upcoming vacation. Also, I have shifted a lot of focus to the Team Jokbal Charity Blog where I have been updating people on items that me and my friends have been acquiring from KBO players to be auctioned in a year-end charity event to benefit kids.

1st Item Team Jokbal Received (Michael Bowden Jersey)

Over the last few months I have been getting opportunities to meet and talk with a lot of great guys in the KBO that have all embraced our cause and have helped out or plan to help out in the near future. In just a short time, we have been able to get items from Michael Bowden and Dustin Nippert of the Doosan Bears, Jeff Manship, Na Sung-bum, and Kang Jin-sung of the NC Dinos, and Roger Bernadina of the KIA Tigers. We have also had a bit of face time with other players such as Pat Dean of the KIA Tigers and Henry Sosa of the LG Twins and they plan to help us out in the near future.

Take a look at the Team Jokbal blog to see some of the items that we currently have to put up for auction and check back often to see updates as more items come in.