Monday, April 16, 2018

2017 SCC Baseball Card Pre-sell

The last release of KBO cards came about last year with the 2016-17 Super Star Baseball Cards Black Edition put out by SMG. Since that time, SMG has stopped producing cards and a new company SCC has stepped in to take its place. Their cards will be releasing next week on April 24th. At 1st glance, it looks like they are going back to something similar to the original Super Star Baseball card releases in terms of cards per pack, packs per box and base card set size. The question remains what you will actually pull and how difficult it will be. Here is a look at what the site selling the cards shows in terms of cards.

20 packs per box and 7 cards per pack
View of the Cards

The total number of cards is 419 including all of the autos and other special cards. The actual base set will stand at 224 cards. There are also 50 rare cards, 22 rookie cards, 10 jersey cards, 50 limited cards, and 63 autographed cards.

The cards are retailing at 3,000 won per pack or 60,000 won per box. However, they are selling at 54,000 won per box on the site that I buy from. It is up a bit more than last year and last year you were pretty much guaranteed 2 autos per box. While it was fun pulling a lot of autos, most of them were pretty worthless in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how things turn out this year.

I purchased 4 boxes and hopefully, I can put together the complete base set out of that and pull a few nice hits. Check back soon to see how things turn out!

2018 Topps Gypsy Queen Blaster Box Break

I got in some blaster boxes of Gypsy Queen the other day. I love the product and I am trying to fill out the complete set this year. My plan was to buy a second hobby box of this stuff but the "Ohtani Effect" is in full swing with everything this year and the hobby boxes are now going for about $180 which is way too much in my opinion. I purchased one for $110 a month ago and decided to just go with some $20 blasters this time around.

You are never really guaranteed anything with a retail blaster but you can pull a few hits from time to time. You can take a look at a couple of the boxes that I opened in the videos. The 1st video was pretty standard and about what I expect from a retail blaster box, but the 2nd video held some nice surprises with a great rookie auto.

If you are interested in making any trades, just let me know and also let me know if you have anything that I may be needing to complete my set. You can check out what I have on the spreadsheet in this link. Anything with a "Y" means I have the card, "D" means I have duplicates, and "N" means I still need it. There are also some that say "P", "NP", and "LS." It means that I have these but they are just a variation/parallel of the base and I could still use the normal base. I have also included a list of the Fortune Teller and Tarot inserts here.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

2018 Topps Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box Break

I got a hobby box of 2018 Topps Gypsy Queen in the mail the other day. I had been looking forward to its release since back in January. The box that I got would rate somewhere in the middle in my opinion. It wasn't the best nor the worst in terms of the autos but there was one pull that kind of saved the box in my opinion which was a short print missing nameplate that is only found in 1:422 packs. You can take a look at what I pulled in the video upload.

So far Gypsy Queen is the only box that I have opened that I plan to pick up another box of. Mostly because I would like to complete the 300 card base set (not too concerned about the high number sp), the Fortune Teller subset and the Tarot of the Diamond subset. While another box won't guarantee that I will be able to complete the 300 card base set, it should get me relatively close and hopefully, I can make some trades to fill in any gaps. As for the 2 subsets, I will most likely be stuck with purchasing individual cards if I can't trade for the ones I will need. I also want another crack at an established player or big-name rookie auto and an Altuve or Correa box topper for the PC.

As of now, I don't have any base that I'm interested in trading away, but I should have some stuff when I buy another box. As for the logo swaps, missing nameplates, and such, I would probably trade most of it away since none of them are players I collect. If you saw anything you liked just let me know and maybe we can work a trade.

Thanks for watching and reading!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Park Jae Hong: Did He Eat the Bread?

While looking through cards the other day as a part of my spring cleaning, I came across this 2000 Teleca Korea/Japan Super Games card of Park Jae-hong. This lead me to do a little reading up on the retired player and the stuff that I read was pretty awesome. I will share a bit about him in this post and tell you the reason behind the rather strange question "Did he eat the bread?" that is a part of the post title. I promise that it's not just to get some clicks.

Park Jae-hong was born in and grew up in Gwangju, South Korea. Gwangju is the home of the KIA Tigers (formerly Haitai Tigers) so everyone naturally thought that he would be a Tiger after graduating from Gwangju Ilgo High School. In 1992, after high school graduation, he was drafted by the Haitai Tigers, but he refused to sign with them and went on to university at Yonsei University. After attending university, he again refused to play for Haitai and was signed and traded to the Hyundai Unicorns (later became the Nexen Heroes) in 1996. This lead to all of the locals of Gwangju labeling him as a traitor. He didn't let any of the negativity affect him and went on to win Rookie of the Year with Hyundai in 1996.

In 1996 he didn't just win Rookie of the Year, he owned it by becoming the first ever 30-30 player in KBO history with 30 HRs and 36 steals. He also won a Golden Glove that year in the outfield. Throughout his 17 year KBO career, Park went on to enter the 30-30 club two more times, once in 1998 and again in 2000. He also added 3 more Golden Gloves in 1997, 1998, and 2000. Park was also an eight time All-Star won the All-Star Game MVP award in 2002.

After playing with Hyundai for 7 seasons, he did eventually end up playing for the KIA Tigers in 2003 and 2004. This was also around the same time that his career was starting to dip. He still posted a great season with KIA in 2003 and still had some other excellent seasons after leaving KIA to join the SK Wyverns in 2005, but it was clear that Park had peaked early with the Unicorns. After joining the Wyverns in 2005, he went on to finish out his career with them in 2012 at the age of 39.

Now for the story of the bread. During the 2004 KBO Semi-playoffs, the KIA Tigers were eliminated by the Doosan Bears on October 9th. After the game there was an "incident" that happened in the KIA locker room and was reported on by OSEN news (original Korean article) and this is where the mystery of the bread eater began. After being eliminated by the Bears, KIA's players were gathered in the locker room looking and feeling devastated. Their heads were down and some of the players were shedding tears, but there was one player that was sitting there eating bread. Who was this player? Why was he eating bread at this time? These were 2 questions that were brought up and left unanswered in the original article. The only things that the article really stated was that in wasn't the appropriate time and place to be eating and that it was a veteran player with a high salary. This left a lot open to speculation and the Korean netizens joined in on the witch hunt for the player that was seen as being disrespectful and uncaring about what had just happened. This lead to Park being one of the accused and earned him the nickname "Bread Jae-hong" (빵재홍). Many years later in 2014, it turned out that all of the originally accused bread eaters had not eaten the bread and the real "criminal" was Ma Hae-young (마해영).

Either way it all lead to some funny stories and the following skit in 2013 on MBC Sports Plus during their sports show Baseball Tonight Ya with Park swinging a baguette and hitting what appears to be an oversize Home Run Ball snack.

Friday, February 23, 2018

KBO Future Stars? 2015 SBC Season 1 Rookies

In 2015 there were 20 cards produced in the KBO Super Star Baseball Card Season 1 release that featured rookies that were drafted in the 2014 and 2015 KBO drafts. These 20 cards were some of my favorite cards from the Season 1 release and the only time that Super Star Baseball included any cards in a set that were marked "rookie." I like the design as well as seeing several of the players shown in their high school uniforms. I would hope to see future KBO cards including "rookie" cards.

The players featured on these cards have had varying levels of experience in the KBO and futures league since being drafted. Most of the players have made at least 1 appearance in the KBO in at least 1 year since being drafted, but there are a few that have made no appearances in either league due to injuries or military service. There are also a high number of the players from these cards that are currently completing their military service with the Police or Sangmu (Army) teams in the futures league.

A few of the most recognizable players on these cards are Kim Ha-seong and Choi Won-tae (Nexen), Park Ji-kyu (LG), Kim Beom-su and Kim Min-woo (Hanhwa), and Ju Kwon and Hong Sung-mu (kt).

Also, sorry about the scan quality of the cards. I didn't have them centered well on the scanner.

Kim Yeong-han (SBC1501-141-RN) was drafted by Samsung in 2015. He has been spending his time developing in the Futures League since being drafted and hasn't made an appearance in any games in the top league yet. In 2017 he played in 36 games with the Lions Futures team where he recorded a 0.309 average through 94 at-bats.

Choi Min-ku (SBC1501-142-RN) was drafted in 2015 by the Lions and he saw playing time in both the KBO league and Futures league during his 1st year. In 2016 he spent the entire year in the Futures league and in 2017 he didn't make an appearance in either league.

Choi Won-tae (SBC1501-143-RN) spent 2015 in the Futures league after being drafted by the Nexen Heroes. In 2016 he split his time between the Futures league and the KBO. In 2017 he had his 1st full season in the KBO and appeared in 25 games with 149 1/3 innings pitched. He posted a record of 11-7 with an ERA of 4.46.

Kim Ha-seong (SBC1501-144-RN) was drafted by the Heroes in 2014. In 2014 he spent time in the Futures league and the KBO. In 2015 he took over the spot of Kang Jung-ho who had gone to the MLB. Over 4 seasons in the KBO, he has recorded and average of 0.288 with 64 HR and 278 RBI.

Lee Ho-joong (SBC1501-145-RN) was drafted by the NC Dinos in 2014 but he hasn't made any appearances in the Futures or the KBO league after being drafted due to a back injury just before 2015 spring training. He is currently completing his military service.

Ryu Jin-wook (SBC1501-146-RN) was drafted by NC in 2015 and he hasn't made any appearances with the Dinos in either league yet. He is currently completing his military service.

Kim Jae-sung (SBC1501-147-RN) was drafted by the LG Twins in 2015 and he played in 9 games with the top team that year. In 2016 he began his military service and has been playing with the Police team in the Futures league.

Park Ji-kyu (SBC1501-148-RN) was drafted by the Twins in 2015 and appeared in 102 games with 171 at-bats in his 1st year in the KBO. In 2016 he began his military service with the Sangmu (Army) team in the Futures league.

Lee Hyun-seok (SBC1501-149-RN)  made 14 appearances over 2 seasons (2015-16) with the SK Wyverns after being drafted. He spent the rest of his playing time with the Wyverns futures league team. In 2017 he joined the Police team in the Futures league to begin completing his military service.

Jo Han-wook (SBC1501-150-RN) was drafted by the Wyverns in 2015 and made it into 2 games with SK in 2016. He faced 12 batters, gave up 1 hit, 4 walks, and recorded 2 strikeouts. He has spent the rest of his time after being drafted playing for the SK and Police Futures league teams. He joined the Police team in 2017.

Nam Kyung-ho (SBC1501-151-RN) entered the KBO in 2015 after being drafted by the Doosan Bears. He appeared in 5 games and pitched 9 innings for the Bears in 2015, but hasn't made an appearance with the top team since then. He has remained as a developing player with the Futures league team.

Kim Min-hyeok (SBC1501-152-RN) was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2015 draft and spent the 2015 and 2016 seasons with the Bears Futures league team. He also spent most of his 2017 season in the futures league, but he did make it into 18 games with the top team. In those games he recorded an average of 0.190 through 21 at-bats.

Kang Dong-kwan (SBC1501-153-RN) was drafted by the Lotte Giants in 2015 and made his 1st KBO appearance in 2016. He has made 3 appearances in the KBO league and the rest of the time he has been developing in the futures league with the Giants.

Son Jun-young (SBC1501-154-RN) was drafted in 2015 by the Giants, but he hasn't made any appearances in the KBO. In 2015 he appeared in 2 games in the futures league and he appeared in 5 more in 2017.

Lee Min-woo (SBC1501-155-RN) was drafted by KIA in 2015 and got his 1st taste of the KBO in 2017. He appeared in 4 games with the Tigers and managed an ERA of 2.84 with 12 2/3 innings pitched. In 2015 and 2016 he made no appearances in either league as he was recovering from Tommy John's surgery and completing his military service as a social worker.

Hwang Dae-in (SBC1501-156-RN) was drafted in 2015 and made his 1st appearance in the KBO that same year. In the KBO he has appeared in 26 games with the Tigers while posting an average of 0.294 and 3 HR. In 2017 he joined the Sangmu (Army) team in the futures league to fulfill his military service.

Kim Beom-su (SBC1501-157-RN) was drafted by the Hanhwa Eagles in 2015. He has spent time in the KBO each year since being drafted. He has appeared in a total of 35 games and has a career ERA of 8.42 with a 1-6 record. He is known to have some control issues and averages almost 1 walk per inning.

Kim Min-woo (SBC1501-158-RN) was the 1st pick of the 1st round of the 2nd draft in 2015. Since being drafted by the Eagles, he has pitched in 45 games and recorded an ERA of 7.34 with a 1-6 record.

Hong Sung-mu (SBC1501-159-RN) was drafted by the kt Wiz in 2015. Since being drafted, he has pitched in 38 games with the Wiz and posted an ERA of 5.82. His overall record is 0-2.

Ju Kwon (SBC1501-160-RN) is the 1st Korean-Chinese player to ever play in the KBO. Since being drafted in 2015, he has pitched in 82 games and has a career ERA of 5.96. His overall record is 11-16. 2016 was his best season with the Wiz. That year he had an ERA of 5.10 and a record of 6-8. In 2017 he pitched in the WBC for China.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Where are they now? Doosan Bears Team Set

In 2016 Super Star Baseball cards released two team sets. The team sets were from the two teams (Doosan Bears & Samsung Lions) that played in the 2015 Korean Series. Now that I am getting back to this blog again, I thought I would do a post to talk about where the players from the Doosan Bears team set are currently at in the KBO or elsewhere.

But before I do that, here is a quick breakdown of what comes in the box.

Each box has 45 cards + 1 poster
- 2 Super Star Cards
- 3 Big Star Cards
- 3 All Star Cards
- 36 Normal Cards
- 1 Super Stick Card (10 subjects)

There are hit chances that include 5 Super Piece/Patch subjects and 6 Super Auto subjects

Since the release of this set, some players have found themselves in the uniforms of other teams, some of them have found themselves in non-player roles, and some of the younger players are still with the team and hoping to take on a bigger role with Doosan in the upcoming season.

Oh Jae-won (#SBC16DO-001-SS) had a strong season in 2016 and played in the 2016 All-Star game and he also played on the 2017 WBC team for Korea, but he had some major struggles throughout the 2017 KBO regular season. He spent a lot of time alternating with Choi Joo Hwan at 2nd base this year. He is still with the Bears and hoping for a more successful season in 2018.

Kim Jae-ho (#SBC16DO-002-SS) started off 2017 playing for Korea in the WBC. During the regular season he took his role at shortstop and was having another good year for the Bears until he was sidelined later in the season after injuring his shoulder while making a catch. He was able to recover and come back in late in the season, but he wasn't quiet the same. He is still with Doosan and looking for a strong return for 2018.

Hong Sung-heon (#SBC16DO-003-BS) began his career with the Doosan Bears in 1999 and spent most of his career in a Bears uniform with the exception of a few years with the Lotte Giants (2009-2012). At the end of the 2016 season he announced his retirement as a player and his retirement ceremony was held on April 30, 2017.  He joined the San Diego Padres coaching staff in 2017 and is still currently with them.

Min Byung-hun (#SBC16DO-004-BS) announced his free agency at the start of the 2017 season. He begin his career in 2006 with the Doosan Bears and had spent his whole career with them (except during military service with the Police Futures League Team) but starting in 2018 he will be wearing a different uniform. In November of 2017, he signed a 4-year 8 billion KRW contract with the Lotte Giants.

Jang Won-jun (#SBC16DO-005-BS) started his professional career in 2004 wearing Lotte Giant orange. He remained with them until joining the Doosan Bears in 2015. Since being with the bears he has 2 Korean Series Championships to his name and he was also a member of the 2017 WBC team. He will still be wearing a Dooosan uniform for 2018 and will remain one of the key starting pitchers for the Bears.

Jung Soo-bin (#SBC16DO-006-AS) started his career with the Doosan Bears in 2009. In 2015 he was named the MVP of the Korean Series in which the Doosan Bears defeated the Samsung Lions and claimed their 4th championship. In 2017 he began is military service and is currently with the Korean Police Futures League team. He should be returning to Doosan after the 2018 season.

Ko Young-min (#SBC16DO-007-AS) started his career with the Doosan Bears in 2002 and remained with them until his retirement as a player after the 2016 season. Because of his speed on the bases for the Bears, he will always be known by his nickname "Go Jet." In 2017 he moved to the kt Wiz as a coach.

Yoo Hee-kwan (#SBC16DO-008-AS) may be know around the world and the KBO for his fastball speeds that only average 79 mph, but he has been a key pitcher in the Doosan starting rotation over the years due to his control and mix of pitches. He started his career in 2009 with the Bears and will continue wearing the Doosan uniform in the 2018 season.

Noh Kyung-eun (#SBC16DO-009-N) began playing in the KBO in 2003 in a Bears uniform. In 2016 he found himself putting on Lotte Giants uniform after being traded in the middle of the season.

Lee Hyun-seung (#SBC16DO-010-N) started his KBO career with the Hyundai Unicorns in 2006. The Unicorns were taken over in 2008 by the Heroes and became the Woori Heroes (currently Nexen Heroes). In 2010 he joined the Doosan Bears and has remained with them ever since.

Yoon Myung-june (#SBC16DO-011-N) began his KBO career as a relief pitcher with the Doosan Bears in 2012. He was in a Bears uniform through 2016 and in 2017 he began his military service. He is currently playing with the Sangmu (Army) Futures League team and is expected to be back in 2019.

Oh Hyoun-taek (SBC16DO-012-N) started his professional career with the Bears in 2008. He was Doosan through the 2017 season, but at the end of the season he was put into he KBO Secondary Draft and was picked up in the 3rd round by the Lotte Giants. For the 2018 season he will be wearing Lotte orange like several of his teammates from the time that this set was made.

Chung Jae-hun (#SBC16DO-013-N) started in the KBO in 2003 with the Doosan Bears. He played for the Bears until 2015 when he went to Lotte for 1 season. In 2016 he rejoined the bears. On August 3, 2016 he was hit on his throwing arm by a line drive off the bat of Park Yong-taek (LG Twins). Everyone thought it was just be a bruise but after further examination it ended up being a career ending fracture. He was still with Doosan in 2017, but he didn't make any appearances due to surgery and recovery. At the end of the 2017 season he announced that he is retiring as a player, but he will continue to wear a Bears uniform as a coach for the futures league team in 2018.

Kim Kang-ryul (SBC16DO-014-N) has been with the Doosan Bears since 2008. The 2017 season saw him have his best season of his career as a go to guy out of the bullpen for the Bears. He also provided some excitement during a game against the SK Wyverns on August 22, 2017 when he was put in as a batter and hit an RBI single. He will be back in a Bears uniform for 2018.

 Ham Deok-ju (#SBC16DO-015-N) began playing with the Bears in 2013. He has mostly been coming out of the bullpen, but in 2017 he moved into a mixed role as a starter and reliever due to injuries in the starting rotation. He has shown a lot of promise at the age of 22. He is likely to move into a regular starting role once he has a bit more experience under his belt. He is still with the Bears.

Lee Hyun-ho (#SBC16DO-016-N) started pitching for Doosan in 2011. He is a reliever that spends most of his time rotating between the Doosan Bears 1st team and the Bears 2nd team in the futures league. He will be back with the Bears in 2018.

Nam Kyung-ho (#SBC16DO-017-N) signed with Doosan in the 1st round in 2015. He pitched 9 innings across 5 games that year and hasn't made an appearance in a game with the 1st team since then. He is still with the Bears in their Futures League system. Will he be making his way back with the 1st team for 2018?

Oh Jang-hoon (#SBC16DO-018-N) started with Lotte in 2008. He was picked up by the Bears in 2011 in the secondary draft. He is a bit of a mystery because he never really got any playing time in the KBO top league. He was a 1st baseman that was "converted" to a pitcher in 2015. He appeared in 1 game for 1 inning against the NC Dinos on September 3, 2015. He gave 1 hit, 1 walk, and had 2 strikeouts. In 2016 he left the league and returned to Jeju Island to help on the family farm.

Jang Min-ik (#SBC16DO-019-N) came to the Bears in 2010 as the 7th pick of the 1st round of the draft. His appearances with the Doosan 1st team have been sparse at best. He has appeared in 28 games with them (3 in 2017) and spends most of his time toiling away in the Futures League. He still wears a Doosan uniform.

Sung Yung-hoon (#SBC16DO-020-N) is yet another of those perennial Futures League players that make up part of this team set. He was taken by Doosan in the 2009 draft. In his career he has made 25 appearances with the 1st team (1 in 2017). He looks to be back in the Bears uniform for 2018, but still in the Futures League unless something changes.

Kim Myung-sung (#SBC16DO-021-N) was taken in the 1st draft (5th overall) by the Lotte Giants in 2011. He had a lackluster career in the KBO, but he was a member of several Korean teams that played internationally in tournaments in 2009 and 2010. He made his way over to the Doosan Bears in 2012 where he remained until October 2016 when he was released and not picked back up.

Huh Jun-heok (#SBC16DO-022-N) was drafted in 2009 by the Lotte Giants. He spent 2010 and 2011 with the Giants and 2012 and 2013 with the SK Wyverns. In 2014 he went to the Doosan Bears. He made 52 appearances with the Bears during his time there. In 2017 he started his military service with the Sangmu (Army) Futures League team and is expected to be back for 2019.

Cho Seung-soo (#SBC16DO-023-N) was picked up in 2009 by the Doosan Bears in the draft. He has been in and out of the Futures League over his career with Doosan. In 2017 he made 1 appearance with the 1st team. He is still with the Bears.

Lee Won-jae (#SBC16DO-024-N) came into the KBO with Doosan in 2007 with a lot of promise as a potential starting pitcher. After several years of injuries and unimpressive stats, he continues to find himself in a Doosan uniform playing for the Bears in the Futures League.

Jin Ya-gob (#SBC16DO-025-N) was taken by Doosan in 2008 in the 1st round. He had some good runs and showed a lot of promise as a left handed reliever for the Bears. However, his career was sidelined in 2016 when he was found out to have been involved in illegal sports betting. He received a suspension of 20 games, 20 million won fine, and 120 hours of community service. He entered no games during the 2017 season because of this and it's unclear as to when and if he will be back with Doosan.

Chae Ji-sun (#SBC16DO-026-N) became a member of the Doosan Bears during the 2015 draft. He made appearances with the Futures League team in 2015 and 2016. After 2016 he began serving his military service.

Yang Eui-ji (#SBC16DO-027-N) is the glue that keeps it all together for Doosan from behind the plate. He was drafted by Doosan in 2006 and beginning in 2010 he became a vital part of the team by taking on a full time role as catcher. In the last 8 years he has made an appearance in 930 games for Doosan and most of them have been behind the plate. In 2017 he had a bit of a down year offensively after some struggles with hitting and an injury to his hand after being hit by a pitch while batting. At the end of 2018 he will be a free agent. Will Doosan be able to keep him around after next season?

Choi Jae-hoon (#SBC16DO-028-N) got his KBO start with Doosan in 2008. He was with the Bears from 2008 through 2016 and played the role of back up catcher most of the time. In 2017 he went from Doosan to the Hanhwa Eagles where he saw action in 104 games for them.

Choi Joo-hwan (#SBC16DO-029-N) made his first appearance in the KBO with Doosan in 2006. He has been a nice utility player (primarily 2nd baseman) for Doosan over the years and in 2017 he appeared in the largest number of games in his career as a 2nd baseman taking over for a struggling Oh Jae-won. He is still with Doosan and the 2018 season will be an interesting year. Will he remain as the primary starter at 2nd base or will Oh Jae-won find his form again and reclaim the spot?

Hur Kyoung-min (#SBC16DO-030-N) was drafted by Doosan in 2009 and has been their primary 3rd baseman of the last few years. He has been relatively solid at the position but back injuries and slumping production have been of concern recently. After the end of 2017, Doosan has been looking for another player that can share the role at 3rd base with him. A little fun fact about Kyoung-min is his nickname, "Mimi."

Oh Jae-il (#SBC16DO-031-N) was taken by the Hyundai Unicorns (later became the Heroes) in the 2005 draft. In 2012 he came to Doosan. Between 2012 and 2015 he spent a lot of his time going back and forth between the 1st team and the Futures League team. In 2016 he really stepped up to the plate and filled the role of 1st baseman for the Bears. In the last 2 seasons he has played in 233 games, averaged 0.311, and hit 53 HRs. For anybody that has followed the charity work that I have done with my friends of the past season, he (and his walk out song) were the inspiration for the name of our group, Team Jokbal.

Kim Jae-hwan (#SBC16DO-032-N) was drafted by the Doosan Bears in 2008 and started his career as a catcher. He later converted to an outfielder and he had his breakout year with Doosan in 2016. Over the last 2 years he has belted 72 HRs for the Bears. In case you are wondering, he is my favorite player on the team and there are a couple of reasons. First, was born in the countryside area where I have been working since coming to Korea. Second, I just love to see his swing. It's a thing of beauty in my eyes.

Ryu Ji-hyuk (#SBC16DO-033-N) was drafted by the Bears in 2012 in the 4th round. Since 2016 he has been a solid back up at shortstop for Doosan and he saw the most action of his career in 2017 after starting shortstop Kim Jae-ho went out with a shoulder injury. While Doosan is looking for Kim Jae-ho to come back in 2018 in peak form, there is still a lot of room and playing time in Ryu's future with the Bears.

Yoo Min-sang(#SBC16DO-34-N), like Ryu Ji-hyuk, was drafted by the Bears in 2012. He made his first appearance in the top KBO league in 2015 with Doosan. In 2016 he landed with the kt Wiz and has remained there for 2 seasons. Starting in 2018 he will be wearing a KIA Tigers uniform after being taken in the KBO Secondary Draft this year. An interesting little life fact about Yoo is that he attended elementary school in America.

Seo Ye-il (#SBC16DO-035-N) is an infielder that was taken by the bears in the 2016 draft. He has spent most of his 1st two years developing in the Futures League with the 2nd team, but he has also made appearances in 53 games with the 1st team over the last couple of seasons. Doosan is hoping for Seo to have a bright future with them.

Park Kun-woo (#SBC16DO-036-N) got his first KBO start with Doosan in 2009. From that time until 2015 he spent a lot of his time developing in the Futures League and completing his military service with the Police Baseball team. Since 2015, Park has been at the plate 1125 times and has averaged 0.347 over those at-bats. He has been in the top 10 for the batting title for the last 2 years. He has also hit 20 HRs in each of the last 2 seasons while being solid defensively in center. He will be back in 2018 looking to challenge for the batting title once again.

Jung Jin-ho (#SBC16DO-037-N) started playing with the Doosan Bears in 2011. Over the years he has spent most of his time bouncing back and forth between the Futures League and the top league. This year he saw his most substantial amount of playing time in the KBO after Min Byung-hun was injured after being hit by a pitch. Jung did a good job of stepping in to fill the hole left by Min after the injury and he is also expected to get more time in 2018 since Min Byung-hun has moved to the Lotte Giants.

Kook Hae-seong (#SBC16DO-038-N) was drafted by Doosan in 2008. Like many of the other players in the team set, he has spent the majority of his time with the 2nd team in the Futures League. However, since Min Byung-hun has left, fans can look to see players like Kook Hae-seong more often as they try to get into a secure starting role.

Kim In-tae (#SBC16DO-039-N) was the 4th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2013 KBO draft. Since being drafted by Doosan, Kim has spent the majority of his time developing in the Futures League and doing his military service. As time goes by, we can look to see some of these younger guys take on bigger roles with the 1st team.

Cho Su-haeng (#SBC16DO-040-N) was taken in the 1st round of the 2016 draft. Cho has made 146 appearances in the top league with the Bears over his first 2 seasons. Most of those appearances have come as a pinch runner, but he has also had 76 at-bats during that time and maintained an average of 0.276 over those 2 seasons. Doosan is looking to him to be one of the top contenders to take over in right field after the departure of Min Byung-hun. Look for him to develop and get into more games over the next few seasons for the Bears.

Doosan Bears Emblem (#SBC16DO-041-N) The Bears entered the KBO as one of the founding teams in 1982. However, they were not the Doosan Bears at that time and they didn't have their home in Seoul. In 1982 they were the OB (Oriental Brewery) Bears and their home was in Daejeon. They moved to Seoul in 1985 and continued to play under the name of the OB Bears until 1999 when the Doosan Group took over ownership and renamed the club.

Doosan Bears Mascot (SBC16DO-042-N) The Bears mascot is named "Cheolwoongyi" and he is a popular photo op for the fans before, after, and during the games. He is also seen on the field during the first pitches and other special events. During the game he can be found roaming the stands and helping with the cheers.

Seoul Sports Complex Baseball Park (SBC16DO-043-N) The home stadium of the Doosan Bears is Jamsil Stadium is a part of the Seoul Sports Complex. It's construction was completed in 1982 and it was the home of the 1988 Summer Olympics baseball games. It has been the home stadium of the Doosan Bears since 1986. It is also the home stadium of the LG Twins.

Doosan Bears Team (#SBC16DO-044-N) This team set features photos from the 2015 season when the Doosan Bears won their 4th Korean Series after defeating the Samsung Lions. The Bears went on to win their 5th Korean Series the following year in 2016 and they appeared in the Korean Series again in 2017, but lost to the KIA Tigers.

Yang Eui-ji (#SBC16DO-58-ST) This card is one of the special super stick cards that you get when purchasing the team set. There are a total of 10 super stick subjects for the set, but you only get 1 of them per box. I have no idea why they are called a super stick card. One might think it is because they are a sticker, but they are not. They are simply a thick plastic card that is clear.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading! I am sorry about the scan quality of the cards, but hopefully you enjoyed some of the stories about the players in this set. Two of the sets were made (one for Doosan & one for Samsung) and released in 2016. They sell for around $20 USD per set. Hopefully I will be able to get a post up talking about the players from the Samsung Team set sometime soon. Thanks!