Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Custom Autograph Photos

This past weekend, I started a new project. I had a lot of time on my hands and a lot of photos that I took last season so I thought it would be cool to do something different with them. I decided to work on some custom autograph photos that I can hopefully get some players to sign.

I enjoy collecting in person autographs for memories and display but unfortunately I am never very successful in attempting to get them. It is mostly due to where I live and the difficulty of getting to a stadium early enough in the mornings to catch players as they arrive. Also, I am only able to seek out signatures like this on the weekends, which is when 100's of other fans are doing the same. I really wish I could do this on weekdays when the crowds are smaller, but it is mostly impossible to do so unless it's a holiday (which also brings a lot of fans to the stadiums).

Anyway, last Friday night and Saturday, I spent a few hours making and printing some custom autograph photos. I started with a photo of an old baseball sitting on grass as my background. You can't see a lot of it due to the photos and signature areas covering it, but I didn't want to just do a plain background and I also wanted to make sure that the photo and signature areas were big.

After putting in the background, I put in photos that I took last season and a signature area that are both the same size. I could have just put in a photo and let players sign that, but I like having an area that is just for a signature. In the signature area, I put a transparent image of the team's current slogan. I followed all of that up by placing the player's name and position at the bottom.

While it may not be the greatest of designs, I like it and think they will look nice on display after getting them signed. With time I will probably make some changes to the design and background, but for now I am happy with the results. Here is a look at what I ended up with. This one is of Choi Ju Hwan of the Doosan Bears. For now I only have them made for Doosan players, but I will make some of other teams in the future.

Choi Ju Hwan Custom Signature Photo

I will try to post some of them signed so that you can see how the turn out if I can manage to get any autographs in the near future.

Thanks for reading!