Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Jokbal Edition: Oh Jae-il

Oh Jae-il (2016-17 Super Star Baseball Card Black Edition)

Being a hefty guy, I love a nice plate of jokbal (pigs' feet) and a glass of soju. With that being said, during a drunken stupor at a Doosan game last season me and a group of friends began to comment how it looked like there were some players that could take down a platter of jokbal after a game. It all started with Oh Jae-il.

During the player songs, we enjoy having a laugh and changing the words to the songs as a sort of parody. Oh Jae-il's entry song is 봄바람 (Spring Breeze) by 이문세 (Lee Mun-sae). The song starts off saying "Like the spring breeze" (봄바람 처럼) in Korean and we decided to sing "I love that jokbal" one night. From that day forward we loved the idea of imagining groups of KBO players sitting around a big table of jokbal and soju after the games.

Oh Jae-il's Entry Song

Now, for a little bit about Oh Jae-il. Oh, born October 29, 1986, is a big guy at 187cm tall and 95kg. In the field he primarily starts at 1st base, but he does switch out between 1st and DH from time to time with Nick Evans who spent time in the MiLB, MLB, and NPB. Oh was drafted by the Hyundai Unicorns in the 2nd 2005 draft in the 3rd round and was the 24th player selected.

In his early years he spent most of his time bouncing between the KBO and the Futures League (KBO minors) and he had no appearances in the KBO between 2006 and 2009. It wasn't until 2012, when he signed with the Doosan Bears, that he settled into a slightly more stable roll in the KBO. He has still spent time bouncing between the Futures League and KBO with the Bears, but he did start to get a lot more playing time in the KBO after joining the Bears

Last season, 2016, was his standout season in the KBO as he went on to break 0.300 for the first time in his KBO career and set career highs in pretty much category. In 2016, Oh managed a 0.316 AVG, 105 games, 27 HR, 92 RBI, 64 BB, and a 0.411 OBP. To me, one of the most impressive things from last season was his ability to work the counts and draw walks. In any given game, he could easily tack on 15 pitches to the starters pitch count.

So in honor of Oh Jae-il (the original jokbal), my friends, and that night, I have decided to start a series of KBO jokbal baseball card posts.

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