Monday, April 16, 2018

2017 SCC Baseball Card Pre-sell

The last release of KBO cards came about last year with the 2016-17 Super Star Baseball Cards Black Edition put out by SMG. Since that time, SMG has stopped producing cards and a new company SCC has stepped in to take its place. Their cards will be releasing next week on April 24th. At 1st glance, it looks like they are going back to something similar to the original Super Star Baseball card releases in terms of cards per pack, packs per box and base card set size. The question remains what you will actually pull and how difficult it will be. Here is a look at what the site selling the cards shows in terms of cards.

20 packs per box and 7 cards per pack
View of the Cards

The total number of cards is 419 including all of the autos and other special cards. The actual base set will stand at 224 cards. There are also 50 rare cards, 22 rookie cards, 10 jersey cards, 50 limited cards, and 63 autographed cards.

The cards are retailing at 3,000 won per pack or 60,000 won per box. However, they are selling at 54,000 won per box on the site that I buy from. It is up a bit more than last year and last year you were pretty much guaranteed 2 autos per box. While it was fun pulling a lot of autos, most of them were pretty worthless in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how things turn out this year.

I purchased 4 boxes and hopefully, I can put together the complete base set out of that and pull a few nice hits. Check back soon to see how things turn out!

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  1. I also bought four. And I agree whole-heartedly about pulling worthless autos. Looks like the difference for the "Ray" parallel is the holofoil next to the name and the SCC logo itself.

    The Limited cards look cool, almost like the polaroid-looking Blue Edition SS cards. And the Rookie cards have the logo in the background, I was going to do something like that in my custom set.