Monday, December 5, 2016

New Additions to the Collection

I attended the Doosan Bears Fan Festival on December 4th. It was a cold and dreary day, but it was nice to spend some time with people from my fan club and meet some of the players. I ended up getting autographs from 4 players to add to my collection, Min Byun-hun, Lee Yong-chan, Kim Sung-bae, and Kook Hae-sung.

We waited in line from the early morning (around 3 am) to get our tickets and there were people that had been there since 2 pm the previous day. Needless to say, the crowd was crazy and tempers flared a bit from time to time with people trying to cut in the lines.

 The Overnight Campers (My group was at the back left Corner)

The Ticket Line/Mob

Fan Festival Ticket for Tent 6 Autographs

After getting my ticket, I made my way inside with my fan club and we got our seats at the front of the row (just behind the VIP/Players). After that we spent some time roaming around the field and taking photos until the autograph tents opened up. At 12 the autograph tents opened and I made my way over to my selected tent to get my items signed.
Tent 6 (Min Byung-hun, Lee Yong-chan, Kim Sung-bae, Kook Hae-sung)

Meeting My Favorite Player Min Byung-hun
Here is a look at my autographs to add to the collection. The signatures on the flag and baseballs are Kook Hae-sung (top left), Lee Yong-chan (top right), Min Byung-hun (bottom left), and Kim Sung-bae (Bottom right).

Unsigned Mini-flag From the Korean Series

 Signed Mini-flag and Baseballs

The flag is a great piece to frame and display and I am looking forward to getting it framed and put on the wall of my office/collections room.

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