Thursday, December 8, 2016

Translation Thursday (2015 Baseball's Best Players Doosan Bears Team Set)

Just above the team logo there is a white box with things written about the player on the card. Using my elementary level Korean, online translators, dictionaries, and my ability to decipher the grabble that comes out of online translators, I have started to come up with some rough translations of what the 2015 Baseball's Best Players sets say on the front.

Here is my first crack at putting them out there and hopefully the translations are not too far off from the actual meaning. If you have better recommendations in terms of the the translations just let me know.

Min Byung-hun #49 (PA01-DO001)

어느 타순이든 투수를 긴장시키며 맹활약.
Challenges the pitcher and can hit from any spot in the line-up.

 Kim Hyun-soo #50 (PA01-DO002)

역시 꾸준한 타격기계, 이제 세계가 주목한다.
A consistent hitting machine, the world is paying attention.

 Oh Jae-won #17 (PA01-DO003)

승부근서의 사나이, 투혼으로 "허슬두"를 이끌다.
The man of the game, the fighting spirit of “Hustle Doo.”

Jung Soo-bin #31 (PA01-DO004)

치고 달리고 막고, 외모보다 빛나는 맹활약.
Hit and run threat, the appearance of a star.

Hur Kyung-min #13 (PA01-DO005)
이제 재능이 아니라 성적과 실력이 이슈, 데뷰 첫 3할
Talent is not an issue, skills and results have him starting at 3rd.

Kim Jae-ho #52 (PA01-DO006)

명품 수비는 기분, 리그 최고 공격형 유걱수로 진화
Masterful Defense, evolving into the league’s top offensive player at his position.

Ko Yeong-min #14 (PA01-DO007)

이름에 걸맞는 결정적 활약, 부활하는 "고제트"
A player that suits his nickname, reintroducing “Go Jet.”

Park Gun-woo #37 (PA01-DO008)

이제는 핵심전력, 빼어난 활약으로 자신의 길을 열다.
Core strength is the key to his outstanding performance.

Yoo Hee-kwan #29 (PA01-DO009)

느림의 미학, 제구왕 그리고 강심장, 리그 최정상에 서다.
Beauty of slowness, utilizes his tools and a strong heart at the top of the league.

Yang Eui-Ji #25 (PA01-DO010)

두산 전력의 핵심, 공수에서 이제 리그 최고를 노린다.
At the core of Doosan, aiming to be the best in the league on offense and defense.

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