Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Card of the Week (Week 6)

With the busy holidays in the past I am finally back to my card blog. It's been a few weeks (4 weeks to be exact) since I posted a card of the week. To make up for lost time I will be posting 4 cards this week. This weeks cards are of Yoo Han-joon (유한준) formerly of the Nexen Heroes and currently with the KT Wiz.

Yoo Han-joon has been like a wine that gets better with age. He started his career in the KBO in 2004-2005 with the now defunct Hyundai Unicorns and played with them through 2007. The next 2 years he served his mandatory military service.

In 2010 he ended up with the Nexen Heroes where had some solid seasons up to his breakout season in 2014 when he batted over .300 for the first time in his career. He has continued batting over .300 for the past 3 seasons and ended up 2nd in batting average in 2015 with a .362 average. He moved to the KT Wiz in 2016 and ended the year with a .336 average.

2015-16 Super Star Baseball Gold Edition Super Patch (#'d 5/5)

2015-16 Super Star Baseball Gold Edition (SBCGE-039-AS)

2015 Super Star Baseball Season 2 (SBC1502-022-SS)

2014 Super Star Baseball Season 2 (SBC02-045-BS)

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