Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ticket Tuesday (Week 1)

The other day I decided that I wanted to show some of the tickets from games that I went to this past season. I usually use a mobile ticket app (for convenience and no waiting in ticket lines) so I don't always get paper tickets. However there are times when I get paper tickets. This ticket was the first paper ticket that I purchased this season and it was from the May 26th game for Doosan vs. KT.

The ticket for this game featured pitcher Jang Won-jun (장원준). It is for a seat on the 1st base (home side) in the red section block 205 row 6 seat 39. This seat was in the cheering section and was just to the right of the cheerleaders stage. I usually try to sit in the cheering section during most games, but there are times when I sit in other areas.

During this game Doosan beat KT by a score of 6-3. The winning pitcher was Heo Jun-hyeok (허준혁) and Doosan had homeruns from Nick Evans (에반스) in the 3rd inning and Yang Eui-ji (양의지) in the 5th inning. The players of the game were Yang Eui-ji and Heo Jun-hyeok. Here are a couple of their cards.

Yang Eui-ji

 2015-16 Super Star Baseball Gold Edition (SBCGE-047-AS)

Heo Jun-hyeok

 2016 Super Star Baseball Doosan Bears Team Set (SBC16DO-022-N)

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