Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 Team Korea WBC Jersey Release

The finalized roster for team Korea has been released and the their jerseys just went on sale today. The authentic jerseys cost 120,000 won and the replica jerseys are selling for 59,000. If you want a team member's name and number on the jersey you will have to pay an extra 20,000 won.

The jerseys are pretty much the same except the replica is made of a lighter fabric, which is actually better if you plan to wear it to any games during the summer. I purchased a Min Byung-hun replica for 79,000 this morning. I really couldn't bring myself to spend 140,000 for the authentic.

In addition to the jerseys, you can also pick up t-shirts, windbreakers, winter jackets, and fall jackets. The prices for t-shirts are start at 29,000 and windbreakers start at 99,000. Winter and fall jackets are a bit more pricey at 159,000 and 189,000 won.

According to the website, orders will be shipped out on Feb. 27th so you should be able to get your jersey a few days before the WBC kicks off on March 6th.

Here is a link to the site where you can make your purchase.

I have bought my tickets and my jersey so I am set for the WBC!

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