Sunday, February 5, 2017

Card of the Week - Jang Won-jun (Week 9)

In the 2016 season, Jang Won-jun was a part of the "Fantastic Four" of the Doosan Bears. The "Fantastic Four" was made up of 4 starting pitchers from Doosan and included Dustin Nippert, Michael Bowden, Yoo Hee-kwon, and Jang Won-jun. The 4 pitchers combined for 29 1/3 innings during the KBO series and only gave up one run in the 4 game sweep of the NC Dinos.

During the regular season they combined for 70 of Doosan's 93 wins. Jang Won-jun had 15 wins on the season and finished 2nd in ERA at 3.32. Jang, a long time Lotte Giant, started in the KBO in 2004 as a 1st round draft pick for the Giants. He played with them from 2004 until 2014. His first few years were mediocre but in 2008 he started to show more potential and grow as a pitcher. In 2008, Jang had his first double digit win season and it was his first season where his winning percentage broke 0.500, something that he has done in every season since.

In 2015 he was acquired by the Bears and he had what some would call a rocky season at 12-12 with a 4.08 ERA. There were times when some of the Doosan fans called the Bears decision to pick up Jang in 2015 a mistake and they felt that they had overpaid for a pitcher that looked like he may be on a decline. However, in 2016, Jang showed the fans that he was worth it and that he truly belonged in on the team. Getting to his 15th win of the season was a bit rocky as he went 4-3 in his final 10 starts of the season, but on September 22nd he picked up his 15th against the KT Wiz. He finished the season at 15-6.

Here is a look at his jersey relic card from the 2016-17 Super Star Baseball Black Edition set.

Jang Won-jun - Super Piece (#'d 09/40)

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