Monday, November 21, 2016

Card of the Week (Week 2)

This week I decided to go with a card of a player that I enjoy watching, Na Ji-wan (나지완) of the KIA Tigers. Na Ji-wan is always good for a laugh since he is a bit of a "bad boy" of the league. On a side note, Na Ji-wan was on the free agent list until November 17, 2016 when he signed a new 4 year contract to remain with KIA.

Na Ji-wan

You can check out a video of him being the first player in the KBO to hit the roof of the newly opened Gocheok Sky Dome (고척스카이돔). Everybody was a bit confused about what had happened because they didn't know if it should have been ruled fair and a ground rule double or if it should have been ruled foul. You see a couple of the umpires making different calls. The umpire at 3rd called it fair and the umpire at 2nd called it foul. After the replay it was ruled fair and a double.

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