Sunday, November 20, 2016

Different Day, Same Cards

I was recently emailing another collector, that I met via his blog, when I thought about something funny regarding some of my past purchases. I have only been collecting KBO cards for about 2 months, but I have gotten a decent collection started because I have been buying a few boxes per week.

Anyway, we were talking a bit about collecting parallels and inserts from sets and I thought about 2 boxes that I bought at different times. One of my first purchases was a box of 2015-16 Super Star Baseball Gold Edition. I noticed, when opening the box, that the 2015-16 Gold Edition Boxes are numbered to 5,000. The first box I ever opened was numbered 467 / 5,000. I pulled a lot of parallels from the box (probably more parallel than the normal card) and a Park Yong-taik numbered record card (237 / 500).

2015-16 Super Star Baseball Gold Edition Box

About a month later, I purchased 2 more boxes from the same place. Before opening them, I looked at the box numbers and realized that one of the boxes was numbered 468 / 5,000 (the next in line after my first box). When I opened it I though something else seemed familiar and it was. I was getting the same cards from this box that I had gotten from my first box. I even got the same Park Yong-taik (박용택) numbered card (238 / 500) and it was sequential to the 1st one that I pulled. Let me know if you are interested in picking up the Park Yong-taik duplicate and we can work a trade.

Park Yong-taik Super Star Duplicates

I wonder if this is something that is common with the Gold Edition Boxes? If so, I hope I don't get the same boxes sequentially numbered unless I pull some really sweet cards from the first one. By the way, the 3rd box that wasn't sequential to the others had a nice dual patch card of Lee Bum-ho (이범호) and Yang Hyeon-jong (양현종), both of the KIA Tigers. I wouldn't mind getting a few boxes like that with sequentially numbered autos or patches.

Lee Bum-ho and Yang Hyeon-jong Dual Patch Card


  1. You pulled two patch cards in one box? Lucky you. I have one patch card from 4-5 boxes I opened. But I did get a Lee Seung-yeop gold coin card.

    1. I only pulled the 1 patch card, but I pulled the duplicates of the Park Yong Taik from the 2 boxes that were sequential. I have gotten a couple of patches and autos from various boxes. The one posted above is the nicest. I like the dual patch cards. I have yet to come across a gold coin card yet.