Friday, April 28, 2017

The Big Let Down: 2016-17 Super Star Baseball Black Edition Box Break

Within a month of it's release, the 2016-17 Super Star Baseball Black Edition had sold out of it's 2,500 boxes at distributors. It seemed like a bit of a surprise that the boxes went that fast since I never knew that Koreans were that into collecting cards. However, I could see the reasoning behind so many people wanting the product.

After getting my first few boxes and seeing that each box had 2 to 3 "hits," it became fun to pick up a box to see what autograph or jersey card that you may pull. Anyway, I must admit that I got caught up in the hype because opening these boxes were fun. While a lot of the autos and things were not from the biggest names, it was still cool to hope for something like a nice booklet, patch card, or a super star signature.

Just recently I stumbled across a couple of boxes on the internet and decided to buy them. I ended up paying about 20,000 won per box more than they originally sold for but I figured what the heck and I wanted to open some cards. Sometimes you get the itch and you just wanna rip some packs and as I said before, the Black Edition boxes were fun to open.

Now for the let down! I got the boxes in a couple of days after ordering them and I couldn't wait to see what was inside. I grabbed the first box and cracked it open. Then there was this moment of pure joy with the heart racing a bit. This is what I saw.

There was a lovely silver pack sitting right on the top. At that moment I got to thinking about what it could be. I figured it was probably a nice 1 of 1 booklet until I picked up the pack and felt the thickness. At that point I was pretty sure it wasn't a booklet unless it was a thin one, but I figured it was probably a nice patch which are number to 5. Of course I would be more than happy to pick up a nice patch. I set the packet aside and got to work opening them.

The first thing I pulled from the box was a Lee Seung-yeop numbered to 50. I have already had a couple of these but I was more than happy to have another one. It also got me to thinking that his was going to be an epic box. In the next pack I pulled a Choi Seung-jun auto. While he isn't a very well known player and he hasn't spent much of his time in the top KBO league, I wasn't disappointed because I had already gotten the nice Lee Seung-yeop card and I had that silver beauty waiting to be opened. After I finished up all of the packs from that box I grabbed the silver pack and cracked it open and the disappointment set in. That pack held 2 cards, a normal base card and a die-cut of Choi Jeong. It may not be that big of let down, but it is still a disappointment in my book.

Don't get me wrong. Choi Jeong is a great player as I have said in a previous post and the card is pretty nice, but a die-cut in that lovely little silver pack? Come on guys! That is a pretty cruel thing to do to a guy when you could have easily slid it into a normal pack. At the end of that box, the thing that I was happiest about was the 3rd Lee Seung-yeop that I had pulled from the Black Edition.

After the disappointment settled I grabbed the second box and got to work. The first thing that I pulled was a Choi Young-pil numbered card and that was pretty cool since I didn't have that one yet. Next up was a really nice Mo Chang-min auto. At that point I figured I was probably done getting any more hits from the box since several of the past boxes I opened only had a numbered super star card and an auto, but I was cool with that considering the auto I pulled was a Mo Chang-min. However, nearing the end of the box I was rewarded with a nice little Ju Kwon jersey card.

In the end, the second box was much better than the first in my opinion and the Mo auto helped sooth some of the bitter disappointment from the Choi Jeong die-cut (aka my silver pack heartbreak) pull. Anyway, if I ever run across another box of Black Edition I will probably grab it since they are some fun cards to open.


  1. No silver packs in my two boxes. So it was the die-cut gold signature? These were about W70,000 boxes?

    1. Yep. It was a die-cut gold signature of Choi Jeong. I was happy to get it. Just disapointed that it wasn't a nice patch or book. They were about 70,000 a box which was 10,000 over the original retail, but I had the itch. haha