Monday, April 10, 2017

The Jokbal Edition: Choi Jeong

Choi Jeong - 2016-17 Super Star Baseball Black Edition

The second week of the KBO brought a few people into consideration for jokbal of the week, but there could only be one. This week the honors go to Choi Jeong of the SK Wyverns. Before I get into the baseball end of things, I would like to make a possibly interesting comment about his name. In Korea, the typical name consists of 3 syllables. One syllable for the surname and two syllables for the given name. However, Choi Jeong is only two syllables (1 for surname Choi and 1 for given name Jeong). But where does this originate? Well interestingly enough, two syllable names started in Korea during the times of royalty and they were given to royalty because they could not have the same name as anybody else. By the way, Choi certainly played like royalty in his Saturday night game against the NC Dinos and that is what earned him jokbal honors.

Choi, a player that I consider to be a highly underrated, began his KBO career in 2005 after being drafted in the first round by the SK Wyverns. Throughout the years he has been in the top 10 for various stats at the end of the season. During last season he ended in a tie with Eric Thames for the HR title with 40 long balls. This year, through 8 games, Choi has tallied 9 hits and 5 of those are homeruns. Four of those homeruns came on Saturday night against the NC Dinos and made him the 3rd person in KBO history to hit 4 HRs in one game. That, my friends, earned him the jokbal honors for the week.

Choi on the Scoreboard on 04/01/2017

Choi Jeong's 4 HRs on 04/08/2017

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